I was talking with a friend the other day who said she wished she could get a message to remind her when her bill was due. She had heard about our outage alerts, but she didn’t know that PPL Electric Utilities also offers five other types of alerts.

I’m used to getting a lot of questions from friends and family who know I work at PPL Electric Utilities. I love helping out when I can or finding an answer for them. In this case I was able to direct my friend to sign up online because I use all of our alerts myself.

These alerts can help you manage your account and could help you save energy. For example, a high electricity use alert can be an early indication of a problem with equipment in your home. The alert won’t tell you what is causing the high use, but you can troubleshoot based on this information.

I know a co-worker who discovered his heat pump was malfunctioning after receiving this alert. The advantage of the alert is that he knew long before he would get his electric bill. I got an alert during the arctic blasts this winter when my heat pump was working overtime to keep up, but I knew in that case that it was because of the extreme cold and not a problem with my equipment.

If you’d like extra peace of mind about paying your bill on time, sign up for a bill due date alert. It will notify you up to 14 days before your bill due date. You can also sign up for a payment posted alert so that you’ll know when your payment has been applied to your account.

We offer a price to compare alert to let you know the latest rate to help you shop for your electricity supply.

And with outage alerts, you’ll receive a message whenever there is a change in the status of your outage once you’ve reported it. When you sign up for the alerts, you have the option to set a quiet period so that you won’t get alerts during that time frame. Personally, I don’t want a phone call at 3 a.m. to tell me that my power is back on. If you’re enrolled in text alerts, you can text the word “sleep” at any time and you won’t receive any texts for the next 8 hours.

To sign up, visit pplelectric.com/alerts. Select the type of alert you’d like to receive, and add your phone number or email address. You can add up to three devices to receive each alert.

If you don’t have an online account with us, you’ll have to establish one. It’s not hard but may take you a few extra minutes, and you’ll need a copy of your latest electric bill. This is because we ask for certain information to protect your personal information – not for preventing them for paying your bill.

Let us know in the comments which PPL Alerts you love – and if you have any ideas for future alerts!