Taste the energy savingsIf you’re like me, you’ve officially kicked off grill season. I am an avid grill master. At my house, grilled food has been a family favorite since, well, forever! It’s always the number one response when I ask my family what they want for dinner.

To us, there’s nothing like packing spring and summer with good barbecue. Not only do we love the flavor, but we love the convenience, minimal cleanup and atmosphere of being outside.

There’s much to be said for the sweet simplicity of getting outside after a day at work by firing up the grill and having a hearty family meal. It’s comfort food at its finest, and it also saves energy. Yes, that’s right — grilling is energy-efficient! It’s time I retire my stove top and oven recipes and trade in my pots and pans for my trusty spatula and grill.

All season long, I’ll be featuring grill recipe suggestions to help inspire you. Feel free to share your favorite grilling recipes in the comments below.

Whether you use charcoal or gas, grill for one or a gathering of family and friends, grilling is a sure-fire way to make a memorable meal. It’s time to get out, grill and taste the energy savings!