For this installment of Throwback Thursday, we went WAY back, courtesy of the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum.

Shown here is a view of 6th and Hamilton streets in 1891. Take note of the utility poles with about a dozen cross arms, the horse-drawn wagon, the muddy street and the street lights.

Benjamin Harrison was President in 1891, just in case you were curious. It’s also the same year Dr. James Naismith invented basketball.

The John E. Lentz boot, shoe and rubber store is seen on the left of the photo. Lentz was active in the Allentown community of the day and was one of the founders of The Allentown Hospital, according to our research.

Looking west from the same location today, you’d see the soldiers and sailors monument and some of the exciting new development in downtown Allentown, including the PPL Center.