PurelyPA! iconThis is one time of year when I don’t mind being caught red-handed.

When the calendar points to mid-June, I try to point myself to the nearest pick-your-own strawberries farm. I may not have grown the berries, but there’s a Basket of strawberriesspecial satisfaction of sorts from harvesting them with my own hands rather than picking up a plastic-wrapped package at the local grocery store.

This past weekend, I made the trek to Seiple Farms near Northampton, Pa., but there are pick-your-own operations all over the PPL Electric Utilities service territory. Strawberries aren’t the only crop you can harvest now. Peas are ready for picking, too. I’m sure I’m missing other delectable items.

As the growing season continues, other crops will come into play. Before you know it, we’ll be picking other vegetables, as well as fruits like blueberries, peaches and apples.

At Seiple Farms, it was fun to watch all the folks Strawberry pickingwho made the same pilgrimage as I did. People of all ages were out sharing some great time in the outdoors. Young children routinely shouted out to their parents that they’d found the perfect berry. And to every parent, it is perfect, even if by most standards it could have used an extra day or two on the vine.

So if you have time, treat yourself to some June strawberries at a farm near you. And don’t worry about the strawberry juice on your hands. It’s just a sign of a tasty good time.

Let us know in the comments which strawberry-picking spot is your favorite.