Being without power is never easy. The heat of summer makes it that much tougher. We want to make sure our customers stay safe as we work to restore your power. Although we’ve made significant progress, this is expected to be a multi-day restoration effort because of the severity of the storm and the widespread nature of the damage. We’re getting extra crews from other states, including Maine, Kentucky and Tennessee to help us restore your power as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we’re providing free ice and water to our customers without power. Visit any vendor from this list and tell them you’re a PPL Electric Utilities customer when you check out. You may receive up to three 10-pound bags of regular ice and three gallons of water daily.

Here are other safety and comfort tips:

1. Stay away from downed wires and report them to us at 1-800-342-5775. Always assume that any downed wire is live and stay far away from it.

2. Visit our free ice and water locations if you’re out of power.

3. If you have a portable generator, be sure to use it properly. Please make sure it’s installed correctly and don’t run it indoors or in any enclosed spaces like a garage.

4. Check on elderly neighbors and relatives. They may need help finding a place to stay cool.

5. Give pets plenty of water. If they are outdoors, make sure they have shade available and can stay cool.

6. Use windows and blinds to your advantage. Close your blinds or curtains during the day to help keep sunlight from heating up the air inside your house.

7. Change your scenery. Visit public places that are air-conditioned and have power. See a movie, read a book at the library or window shop at the mall.