July 2014 Thunderstorms RestorationNo one likes to be without electricity. So when a big storm strikes and takes down trees and wires and knocks out service, we hear from our customers. A lot.

Here’s a typical comment:

@PPLElectric 12 hrs since outage and still no ETA (estimated restoration time) on restoration in 17053? Shame on you. I know crews are working hard but talk to us.

Here’s another one:

@PPLElectric how about getting the power running again. I’d hate to see if a bad storm hit if this is the result. Coming up on 24hrs no pwr


We get a fair share of comments like this on social media channels, and folks here at PPL Electric Utilities understand the frustration. That’s why we work tirelessly after a storm until every customer is restored to service. We’re planning, discussing, dispatching, repairing, and doing other important work early in the morning, late at night and everywhere in between.

And while we’re working on repairing the storm damage, we also appreciate the comments that go like this:

@PPLElectric it seems like forever when service is out in the summer but ur people did a great job working hard to get it restored

And like this:

Thank you for all the hard & dangerous work restoring power in the Lehigh Valley. The linemen out there risking their lives in this stuff are doing a job probably more important than most people will ever realize.

And especially like this:

Thank You PPL for what you do during storms and power outages. Not only do these guys work under all kinds of adverse weather conditions, but have to deal with people asking “when will my power be restored” and dogs, and tight situations like ours was today, taking huge limbs off power lines and putting the lines back into working order, in the heat and humidity.

I appreciate what you do and I thank you !!


We’re always glad to see when our customers appreciate the hard work of our line crews, who spend very long days (and sometimes nights) in very difficult conditions to restore power. There are 16-hour days for line workers and other staff supporting the efforts to get the lights back on.

This post sums it up:

If you’re reading this because your power is out and you’re frantically looking for a place to complain, please understand this…..

Linemen risk their lives to get your power on. They didn’t cause the storm, but they are expected to get your lights back on in record time, every time. Please be patient and understand that these men are away from their families, working extremely long hours in hot, cold, snow, ice so that YOU can go on with your way of life. They will and deserve to have a minute for a smoke break or to eat lunch or get some water, so when you see them by their trucks doing so, remember that if that was YOUR man, you’d want him to take a minute.

There is NO OTHER profession that can just step in and do a lineman’s job. They have spent years and years learning this trade so they can get your lights on. So, if your power is out it’ll be back soon… and as soon as it’s on….. THANK A LINEMAN.


So here’s the bottom line.

Mother Nature can have a pretty stormy disposition sometimes, so we prepare and train to respond to outages large and small.

We’re weather watchers by necessity. As soon as we see damaging weather conditions approaching we initiate our storm emergency plans to restore service safely and as quickly as possible.

The wild card is what damage storms will leave behind. Tuesday’s line of thunderstorms raked out service area, leaving more than 800 places where we needed to make repairs.

Outages from that storm should be wrapped up today. We have help from line workers from several other states to supplement our own great crews.

We don’t know what future storms will bring, but we do know we want to hear from you — good, bad or otherwise.