Our Operation HELP emergency assistance fund is breaking its mold as a winter program and is soliciting donations this summer. If you’re a PPL Electric Utilities customer, you’ll see an Operation HELP flier with your bill this month.

The program does so much good and helps so many customers that we wanted to talk about it more than once a year.

It provides emergency financial aid to pay heating bills for families with financial hardships.

The tremendous generosity of customers, employees and retirees has helped sustain this program since it was founded in 1983. So far, the program has raised about $26.5 million and helped more than 88,000 needy families.

Quite a track record, right?

The cool thing is that together we can do even more. Operation HELP funds often are depleted quickly after community agencies receive their periodic allocations throughout the year, so the need is great.

Giving to Operation HELP is convenient and can be done in a number of ways. To find out more about the program and all the other programs to help those in need, visit pplelectric.com/billhelp.