Sugi Judd, regional engineering manager for PPL Electric Utilities, is one of our many employees who save by shopping for their electricity supply. Our employees shop, so it’s a good idea for all customers to check out the fixed-price offers at We shop. You can, too. Why pay more than you have to for electricity?

I go through grocery store and drugstore fliers every Sunday to find where the deals are.

I clip coupons and try to use them when an item is on sale, to make the most of my savings.

I’m a member of a retail warehouse club and buy in bulk to save money. I fill up regularly with gas there because it’s typically 10 cents cheaper per gallon than everyone else’s.

I’m an avid reader and shop on eBay to find the best prices on books that I can’t find in my local libraries.

I use the same bargain shopping mentality when I shop for electricity supply.

I like the ease of shopping on I like the price certainty that comes with choosing a fixed-rate plan.

It’s worth my time to be a smart shopper with all purchases, even electricity supply. Every penny I save per kilowatt-hour makes a difference and helps me and my family.