Mike Dicks, a support engineer for PPL Electric Utilities, is one of our many employees who save by shopping for their electricity supply. When it comes to buying energy, he likes having choices and prefers fixed rate options because they offer pricing certainty. Our employees shop, so it’s a good idea for all customers to check out the fixed-price offers at PAPowerSwitch.com. We shop. You can, too. Why pay more than you have to for electricity?

When it comes to buying energy, I like having choices.

Much like choosing a nearby gas station with the lowest cost per gallon when refueling my car, I choose an energy supplier with the lowest cost per kilowatt-hour for my home. A savings as small as a penny or two per kilowatt-hour can really add up over a year.

PAPowerSwitch.com allows me to quickly find and compare all energy suppliers available to me. I prefer finding low-cost fixed-rate options because they offer certainty in pricing and do not fluctuate with market changes.

Once I find the right option for me, signing up to switch energy suppliers takes just a few minutes.