Saramma Hoffman, a senior engineer for PPL Electric Utilities, is one of our many employees who save by shopping for their electricity supply. When it comes to buying energy, she likes having choices and prefers fixed rate options because they offer pricing certainty. Our employees shop, so it’s a good idea for all customers to check out the fixed-price offers at We shop. You can, too. Why pay more than you have to for electricity?

I like having choices with everything I buy.

To me, having control over the largest part of my electricity bill is worth a visit to It’s one-stop shopping where you can choose from a large number of licensed energy providers in Pennsylvania. The last time I looked, there were many packages that can save money.

I like doing comparison shopping and seeing how the various plans stack up against PPL Electric Utilities’ price to compare.

I prefer a fixed-rate plan because of the certainty. I also look to see if there are any penalties for early cancellations. It’s good to have the flexibility to switch suppliers if I see a better plan.

The savings are noticeable. It gives me satisfaction to know that every kilowatt-hour my family uses translates into tangible savings when you shop for a supplier with a plan lower than the price to compare.

I also like the fact that you can shop for a lower electric supply rate knowing that nothing about your delivery service or reliability will change.

It’s just smart shopping.

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