Dave Bonenberger, vice president of Distribution Operations for PPL Electric Utilities, is one of our many employees who save by shopping for their electricity supply. Our employees shop, so it’s a good idea for all customers to check out the fixed-price offers at PAPowerSwitch.com. We shop. You can, too. Why pay more than you have to for electricity?

Shopping for electricity supply provides my wife and me with price stability and saves us money. We’ve made it a routine, just like shopping around for the best price on gasoline, bread or the morning cup of coffee.

Smart shoppers take the time to look for attractive, competitive offers for many of life’s commodities. Shopping for electricity is no different.

Based on our experience, it takes a little homework to pick a supplier that fits your needs, but the information you need is right at your fingertips.

When I visit PAPowerSwitch.com, I start comparing PPL Electric Utilities’ price to compare – the price non-shopping customers pay PPL Electric Utilities for their generation supply – against the offers from licensed suppliers in the state. It’s kind of like shopping for products on Amazon.

I look for suppliers that offer fixed-rate deals without early cancellation fees. That way I can switch suppliers without penalty if I find a better offer later. Signing up for a competitive supply offer takes only a few minutes.

Here at PPL Electric Utilities, we look for ways to save every day, to provide the best value for our customers. In business or at home, I don’t want to miss an opportunity to save and stretch every dollar. That’s why I shop for electricity supply.

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