Are you curious about how your electricity use has changed from season to season and year to year? Want to know the common factors affecting your bill?

Now residential customers can get a personalized video that will show you exactly that.

Each video is custom-made for you and your account. It will show your electricity use for this summer compared with this spring and last summer. Plus we’ll let you know how your energy use compares with the average of all PPL Electric Utilities customers and why your bill could change over time.

We made the videos to help you better understand your electricity use and let you know how you can save energy and money.

These videos provide you with a seasonal perspective of your electricity that we hope will encourage you to think about how you use electricity so you can make informed choices about how you can save energy – and money.

When you view the video and hear your comparison, you can decide if the information makes sense for your home and lifestyle. And if your usage seems high, we have tools like the Energy Analyzer that can help you take a closer look, as well as rebates and tips to help you save.

Want your video? Simply go to Enter your account number, name and email address, and we’ll generate your video so you can watch it instantly. For future seasons, we’ll email a link to your personalized energy use video.

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