The recent open house at the new PPL Center in downtown Allentown provided a great opportunity for PPL Electric Utilities to give the public an up-close look at some of its equipment and safety gear.

PPL Corporation, the parent company of PPL Electric Utilities, is a major sponsor of the arena. We’re proud to be a part of the rebirth of Downtown Allentown.

PPL Center Jacque Creamer_sized
Jacque Creamer, of PPL Electric Utilities’ safety group, explains a piece of safety equipment.

The open house gave us a chance to showcase what we do and how we stay safe doing it.

Employees volunteered to staff the Sept. 13 open house and had a blast doing it. Kids attending the open house came back to our display again and again to step into the bucket on the bucket truck, try on gloves, hardhats and other safety gear, and more.

A lot of people see our workers and equipment out during the normal course of work. During severe storms, you might see them more often as they work to fix damage. But many people don’t get to see things up close and personal and that’s why this exhibit was so cool.

Maybe the display planted the idea of a utility career in some youngster’s mind. Maybe talk about how safely we work around electricity will inspire them and their families to also be safe. That’s the real value of events like these.

When we say we care about the communities we serve, that’s not a bunch of baloney. We live, work and play in these same places and we want these cities and towns — and the people who live there — to thrive and stay safe.

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(Top photo: Matthew Yehle)


PPL Center Open House 3 Quintin sized
Quintin Stephens
PPL Center Open House 1 (2) Bender sized
PPL Electric Utilities Lineman Tom Bender
PPL Center Open House 2 (2) Aidan Donohoe
Aidan Donohoe