PurelyPA! The nation’s first successful, continuously operating electrified trolley system was established in Scranton, giving it the nickname “The Electric City.”

Recently, Scranton’s iconic and now new Electric City sign was illuminated during a popular festival in the city’s downtown. The refurbished sign, atop the former Scranton Electric Co. building, was lit up by organizers of La Festa Italiana, which donated $10,000 to replace the old bulbs in the sign with new LEDs.

The company that worked on the sign used blueprints for the original sign, made in the 1930s, and installed the red, green, white, and amber bulbs to match the original.

La Festa Italiana takes place every Labor Day weekend on Courthouse Square in Scranton.

In 2004, the Scranton Sunday Times credited PPL Electric Utilities with being one of the prime movers behind the initial restoration of the landmark sign. The company was the first business to make a major financial to help restore the sign as a symbol of the city’s past and future.

As a company that’s been part of this city for more than a half-century, PPL Electric Utilities and its employees are proud to serve the people of Scranton and proud of its history.

Photo taken by Joseph Bowser, Technician, PPL Electric Utilities’ Scranton Service Center