This is a guest blog post by Kristine Herr-Watt, an energy educator for the E-power Team.

My thoughts this time of year go to what else but fall and football. Rich-colored turning leaves; the crisp, cool weather; foods that comfort; and cheering for our favorite football team are all things that come to mind. This is also a time to prepare for the dreaded “w” word: winter. Brr.

Just as teams practice and review plays to defeat their opponents, we should be gathering information and putting into play how to best prepare for the colder days ahead. I can’t think of a better time or way for customer of PPL Electric Utilities to do that than to speak with the E-power Team. We can help you win at the energy efficiency game!

The E-power Team includes five residential energy educators in various regions of Pennsylvania. We educate and provide advocacy to PPL Electric Utilities residential customers. Our game schedule is throughout the entire year. We visit town hall meetings, community and cultural events, business expos, building shows, company employee awareness forums, youth science fairs, and more. And everywhere we go, we help let customers know how they can save energy and money.

E-power TeamWe’d like to invite you to come out and huddle with us at one of our upcoming events. We can collectively come up with a game plan just for you and your home. We’ll show you how to navigate our website to take advantage of a variety of programs and resources. You’ll find rebates to help with upgrading to new energy-efficient appliances and equipment; the Energy Analyzer to review your electricity use; and easy ways to manage your account online. You can also connect with PPL Electric Utilities on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media channels. And don’t forget the Project Envolve blogs, where you can see how other Pennsylvania families are finding ways to save energy.

And if you’d like to learn more about shopping for electricity, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. We can talk to you about how the process works and help you understand what questions you may want to ask an electricity supplier. For example, is it a variable or fixed rate? How long is the contract? Is there an early cancellation fee?

Plus we’ll give you easy and low-cost ways to save energy. For example, is your home humming on game day with slow cookers, toaster ovens, entertainment centers and more? Are you familiar with phantom energy and smart strips? If not, we’ll throw ideas out there for you to put to use.

Your comments, questions and concerns – no matter the issue – matter to us. Whether you need information on programs or services, are curious about outages or want more information about an energy audit, we want to hear it all.

And of course, what’s a game without a cheer?

Give me an:

E – Empowerment to make wise energy decisions
P – Positive steps to obtain energy efficiency
O – Offerings to reduce energy consumption
W – Website to share energy saving information
E – Ears to listen to your energy concerns
R – Reliability to serve you

And many thanks to our customers. We always love meeting and talking with you. Enjoy the season!

Kristine Herr-Watt is an energy educator with the E-power Team for PPL Electric Utilities. The E-power Team visits events throughout central and eastern Pennsylvania to help customers learn how to save energy and money. View the E-power Team schedule.