We’re always looking for new and cost-effective ways to maintain the nearly 9,000 miles of underground electric cable in our service area.

Underground lines are better protected against weather and other conditions, compared with overhead power lines. But, like anything else, they break down over time. The insulation weakens, and that increases the potential for a short circuit.

With a squirt of a silicone-based fluid, we can rejuvenate and extend the life of underground cable by more than 20 years. It’s a process called cable curing. Once it’s injected into the cable, the fluid fills in the cable’s insulation and repairs the damage caused by underground conditions. As it moves into the cable’s insulation, it increases its strength and reliability.

It takes just minutes to do, and customers don’t see any unplanned power interruptions during the work. And there’s no disturbance to landscaping or property.

It’s also cost-effective, less than half the cost of replacing an underground cable. We’re always looking for ways to keep costs low for our customers.

Cable curing is just one part of our ongoing investments throughout our 29-county service area to improve reliability by maintaining our existing systems, strengthening our transmission and distribution systems, and replacing aging equipment.