Maybe it’s the stubborn, thrifty Pennsylvania Dutchman in me, but I try to save a dollar wherever I can.

I enjoy the hunt for the best price at the gas pump. I like to check items on Amazon and see how they stack up against other retailers. I routinely compare prices for heating oil, groceries and other purchases. And I look at the money-saving offers on now and then.

Sure, it all takes a little investment of time. But I’m the first to count every bit of shopping savings as a personal victory. It all adds up. And you feel like you have some control in a sometimes uncontrollable world.

When shopping for electricity supply opened to Pennsylvania electric utility customers in 2010, I cracked my knuckles, poured a cup of coffee and moved in to look at all the offers.

I’ll admit, as a PPL employee, shopping for electricity supply and its advantages is a common topic of conversation at work and made the shopping process very natural. But I’ve enjoyed talking about the benefits and potential for savings at with friends and relatives – some of them more stubborn than me. Many PPL employees also shop and share their positive experiences with those around them.

Electricity supply is the biggest part of your bill. Like anything else you buy, why pay more than you have to? makes it easy to shop. PPL Electric Utilities’ price to compare – the price you use to compare offers — is listed alongside all of the other offers from licensed suppliers. You can see easily if it’s a fixed or variable offer. I prefer a fixed offer, so I don’t have to worry about price swings when demand for electricity affects prices. In the same way, I often choose to lock in on the price per gallon for fuel oil.

When oil prices soar during some winters, I like the warm feeling of knowing my price is firm. Same goes for my electricity purchases. As with any purchase I make, I remind myself to double-check the purchase and know the terms of the contract and the price I’ll be paying.

Over the years, I’ve found that combining shopping with wise energy use puts even more money in my pocket. Keeping my furnace maintained and in peak condition, insulating and sealing up air leaks can help control costs, too.

A buddy of mine at work just told me that he installed insulation inserts in his electrical sockets to block drafts. He said he’s already noticed a difference. I know there are a couple doors in my house that could use some insulation or caulking, and it’s getting time to take care of that.

For me, it all comes down to using energy wisely, shopping for electricity and smart shopping. Oh, and I outten the lights when I don’t need them.