Check out this shot of Main Street in downtown Stroudsburg from decades ago, courtesy of the Monroe County Historical Association.

We don’t have a date for this photo, so maybe some car buffs out there can help us determine the time frame by the many cars on the street.

At the right of the photo, you can see Bixler Hardware at 633 Main St. According to self-guided walking tour information, the building had a history of housing hardware stores before Bixler’s opened in the early 1920s. The Bixler family operated the store until 1985, the tour information said.

The building was one of several on Main Street damaged in a large fire in November 2006. At the time, the former hardware store housed a music CD and record store. The building’s historic stained glass “Bixler Hardware” sign was carefully removed in 2007 and stored at the historical association.

If you have any information about any of the other buildings or businesses in the photo, we’d love for you to share it.