Denis Pancoast, senior engineer for PPL Electric Utilities, is one of our many employees who save by shopping for their electricity supply. Our employees shop, so it’s a good idea for all customers to check out the fixed-price offers at We shop. You can, too. Why pay more than you have to for electricity?

I work in our Distribution department and enjoy every opportunity to talk with employees, friends and family about the value of shopping for electricity supply.

It’s a satisfying feeling when people discover that they can save and stretch their household budgets by going to That’s the state Public Utility Commission’s website where you can see, sort and choose all offers by licensed suppliers.

Sure, you can sit back and accept PPL Electric Utilities’ default price for supply. But why would you? Electricity supply is the biggest part of your bill, and you can decide what you pay for that. I opt for a fixed-rate plan.

The last I checked, there were more than a dozen suppliers that can beat our default rate, which we’re required to provide to our non-shopping customers. More than 650,000 of our customers already shop. Many PPL employees shop. You should, too.

The holidays are right around the corner. Saving on electricity supply could mean a few more dollars to buy a gift for someone.

And yes, I get a lot of comments about my beard. I have the privilege of playing Santa Claus and distributing gifts to underprivileged kids in neighborhoods around the office.