It’s that time of year…the holidays are right around the corner and I’m feeling pretty darn festive. Quite honestly, it’s my favorite time of year. I enjoy decking the halls with my family’s favorite holiday décor, the memories rekindled of holidays passed, the music and the time well spent with family and friends eating delicious food and spreading holiday cheer.

Trimming the tree and decorating the exterior of our home happens to be the first of many family rituals in kicking off the holidays. Ambitiously, we aim to complete most of it over Thanksgiving weekend. I can’t lie; it typically extends right on through the week as we add the finishing touches.

The tree alone is an ongoing process. This “process” consists of chasing a runaway toddler who’s so incredibly mystified by all of the glitz, sparkle and allure of what seems like hundreds of ornaments that she just has to get her hands on them…all of them. It’s well worth the effort and extra cardio, though.

Thankfully, there’s no need to add extra lights to the tree. The majority of my ornaments are reflective, packed with glitter, sparkles and crystals. The ornaments are beautiful and they make the tree appear even brighter when combined with my LED strands.

Fewer lights to string and using less electricity is my tree-decorating strategy. What’s yours?

Sparkle and Shine