Historic Bethlehem is the backdrop for today’s installment of Throwback Thursday as we feature a photo of the Luckenbach flour mill.

The photo came to us courtesy of the Moravian Archives and we thought featuring the Christmas City this time of the year seemed like a great fit.

The mill, part of Bethlehem’s former Moravian industrial quarter, dates to 1869 and still stands today. It was actually the third mill to occupy the site. We don’t have a date on this photo, but the horse-drawn wagon on the right and the dirt road tell us this is one antique image.

The sign on the mill building in this photo says the business was established in 1751. It was originally built in 1743 and was subsequently rebuilt and enlarged. The mill gets its name from the Luckenbach family. Charles Augustus Luckenbach, a Moravian, bought the mill in 1830 and sold it to his brother 17 years later. That brother, Jacob, later left the mill in the care of his sons.

At one time, the mill space was home to offices for Historic Bethlehem, Inc. Efforts are now underway to turn the space into classroom and exhibit rooms to teach students about America’s industrial history and the role the early Moravians played.