Be honest.

How many New Year’s resolutions did you keep last year?

According to, the federal government’s information website, some of the most common resolutions are losing weight, quitting smoking, getting fit, eating healthier food and finding a better job.

Also on the list – saving money.

There’s an easy and quick way to help achieve this one.

Shop for electricity.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has a website that makes shopping easy:

Many of us devoted time over the last month hunting around on websites for the best prices for gifts. Chances are good that someone did some strategic price comparisons before buying you that very special sweater.

By taking a few minutes to compare prices on, you can make a difference right away in how much you spend for one of life’s staples.

Customers have two choices when they shop for their electricity: fixed rate and variable rate. If you pick a variable rate, it means the price you pay per kilowatt-hour can change anytime, based on factors like weather and market conditions. A fixed-rate plan offers pricing stability for a defined period of time. There are many fixed-rate offers below PPL Electric Utilities’ price to compare, the rate PPL Electric Utilities charges customers who don’t shop.

Shop, choose, click and you’re done. No return lines, no hassles.

While you’re thinking about ways to save on energy costs, PPL Electric Utilities has other tips to stretch your hard earned dollar. They include turning the thermostat down, if you can. Turning the thermostat down about 1 degree saves about 2 percent on your heating bill, while turning it down 5 degrees saves about 10 percent. Also, seal your house against drafts, and have your ductwork checked for air leaks.

You may not be able to keep every New Year’s resolution. But you can take action now – even before the ball drops – to resolve to save in 2015.