Congratulations to Guy and Judy Wheeler of Telford, Pa., for being the first customers to receive a rebate through our E-power manufactured home program!

They received a $1,200 rebate check for their purchase of a qualifying ENERGY STAR® manufactured home. In addition, customers can get another $300 in rebates if they use a qualifying heat pump.


“This program focuses on making the entire home energy-efficient, which can save customers energy and money for years to come,” said Pete Cleff, who manages PPL Electric Utilities’ energy conservation and education programs. “With our first rebate check issued, we’re looking forward to many more customers taking advantage of this program.”

Customers who purchase both a qualifying energy-efficient manufactured home and heat pump could lower their electricity use by up to 20 percent and save up to $200 annually, according to CLEAResult, the company that administers the program for PPL Electric Utilities.

Compared to standard models, an ENERGY STAR manufactured home:

  • Helps customers save money by using less electricity for heating, air conditioning and water heating.
  • Improves comfort by retaining hot and cold air, preventing drafts and reducing outside noise.
  • Is expected to have a higher resale value.

This manufactured home program is our latest E-power rebate designed to encourage home buyers to purchase an energy-efficient home.

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