Soccer is demanding enough without having to chase balls into a marshy field crawling with poison ivy.

But a generous, community-minded PPL Electric Utilities crew this week helped set up a net to catch soccer balls from skidding into the fallow field and improve the safety of the kids who play at the Muncy American Youth Soccer Organization’s field near Montoursville.

The Susquehanna region crew – Electricians Jeremy Eckard and Scott Moyer, Lineman Cody Thomas and Foreman Adam Rearick – set a couple poles to hold a large net to catch soccer balls.

“Scott’s daughter plays here, and we know a lot of other kids who play soccer on this field,” Rearick said. “It was no fun for them to hunt around for lost balls in that field behind the goal. We decided it was time to do something to make the field safer for the kids.”

Employees help at soccer field
Jeremy Eckard, Scott Moyer, Cody Thomas and Adam Rearick.