If someone told you your job was to play a key role in helping millions of people live their lives each day, you might feel overwhelmed.

But there are people who do that; our employees. And they’ve been doing it for 95 years

1920 Crew took down static wireWe rely on a lot of great men and women to help build and maintain the vast system of wires, poles, substations and other equipment that makes life as we know it — possible. They’re the linemen, electricians, helpers, troublemen, ground hands, meter technicians, and various others who work to keep the electric delivery system safe and reliable for millions of people in central and eastern Pennsylvania.

There is no universally designated national date to celebrate those who keep the electric delivery system running, but one of those days is Saturday (4/18). We’re giving a round of applause to all those who work on the nearly 50,000 miles of power lines, hundreds of substations, and other equipment that helps millions power their lives.

And they do it all with safety as their guide. They work hard to deliver the electricity that powers our lives.

“In our view, the ‘lineman appreciation’ umbrella covers all those who help build and maintain our system,” said Dave Bonenberger, vice president, Distribution Operations. “They truly are heroes in hard hats. The work they do each day makes a difference. They’re on the front lines when storms or trouble strike, no matter the weather or time of day.  We appreciate all they do.”

1960 Lineman Training

They’re heroes in hard hats, bringing with them skill, knowledge and a work ethic second to none. They answer the call no matter the weather or time of day.  They’re a tough, proud lot, and rightly so.

Join us if you will, in thanking those who help keep the lights on for us all — April 18 and every day of the year by commenting below.