Electricity plays an integral role in our lives, but taking electrical safety for granted can have serious and potentially deadly consequences.

May is National Electrical Safety Month, and we urge everyone to use the occasion to learn more about how to stay safe at home, work or play.

“Whether it’s using your seat belts in the car or making sure to look both ways at an intersection, we want safety to be second nature in the lives of our customers, their families and friends,” said Brian Zickefoose, PPL Electric Utilities’ manager for Health and Safety. “Using common sense around electricity is important no matter your age or occupation.”

Because electricity is all around us, electrical safety awareness can have many facets.

It can be calling before you dig to avoid hitting underground power lines. It can be throwing out cracked or frayed extension cords or damaged plugs. It can be staying away from a power line knocked down in a storm or in a motor vehicle accident.

“These are good reminders of how electricity is all around us and the importance of electrical safety,” Zickefoose said. “We want every person to think about electrical safety as if their life depended on it — because it does. Electricity powers our lives, and we have the power to use it safely.”

Here are some more safety tips: