We’ve added new features to our special website for contractors, electricians and inspectors, so they can spend more time on the job – and less time on the phone.

These customers can now use the site to create and track work orders for service upgrades and for Fast Track projects (service work that non-PPL electricians perform, such as meter base replacements). The upgrade also allows electrical inspectors to submit inspection results on-line.

Contractors, electricians and builders can already use the site to create new and temporary service work orders, track their progress, and receive email status updates when and how it is convenient for them.

The site, in place since August 2014, also allows these transactions to be completed anytime through computers or mobile devices. These types of transactions used to require phone calls – sometimes lengthy ones.

We consulted electricians, electrical inspectors, contact center employees and others before making the latest round of upgrades. It’s all part of PPL Electric Utilities’ ongoing effort to make it even easier and more convenient to do business with us.

If you have friends or family members in the building trades, please encourage them to visit www.pplelectric.com/contractorservices. We’ll continue to look for ways to make working with PPL Electric Utilities as convenient as possible.