We’re adding another tool to help maintain reliable electric service for our customers — drones.

We received Federal Aviation Administration approval back in April to operate drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles, in our service territory in central and eastern Pennsylvania.

Since then, we’ve been kicking the tires, so to speak, to see how we can best use this technology. Drones can help us inspect our lines as part of our normal maintenance program, and can also check for damage after storms.

We’re excited about the chance to make these new tools work for the benefit of customers.  Drones won’t replace existing inspection methods that include manned helicopters and patrols on the ground, but they will be another great option.

The FAA approval has conditions. Among them is that our drones must be operated by licensed pilots and must stay within sight of a drone operator.

We work each day to continue to deliver the reliable electric service you’ve come to expect. We think the drones will help us continue to raise the bar.