Photo by Bloomsburg Press-Enterprise. Used with permission.

On Oct. 28, a runaway military surveillance blimp dragged its tether line across PPL Electric Utilities’ power lines in Columbia and Schuylkill counties, setting off a string of outages that affected 30,000 customers.

We’ve seen outages caused by a lot of different things, including storms, traffic accidents and more. Sometimes a piece of equipment fails and has to be replaced. Sometimes a squirrel or bird is the culprit.

A blimp? Well, that was a new one.

But while the cause of the outage was unique, our response was not. System operators sprang into action to remotely redirect power around problem areas where we could. Crews mobilized in windy, rainy conditions to make repairs to restore power to those who remained in the dark. The vast majority had power back by the end of the day.

It was a long day, caused by an extremely unlikely turn of events.

But in the end, some things weren’t new — the can-do attitude of our crews and the focus on our customers.

We know you depend on us. So whether it’s a hurricane, a severe thunderstorm, a traffic accident — or even a blimp — we deliver.