Our price to compare has changed as of Dec. 1. That’s the price you pay for electricity if you rely on us to supply it for you, rather than switching to a competitive supplier.

A change to the price to compare is a good time to check other offers on the competitive supply market. We encourage you to visit the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s PAPowerSwitch.com website to see what offers are available from state-licensed suppliers.

As you might have heard, our price to compare is now 7.878 cents per kilowatt-hour for residential customers and 9.493 cents for small-business customers. Both numbers are significantly lower than the previous price to compare. (Both prices will be in effect until next June 1.)

It still makes sense to check the market. The low energy costs that have driven down our price to compare also apply to competitive suppliers. A check on Dec. 3 showed more than 25 offers whose monthly cost would be lower than ours. More could be coming, since competitive suppliers can change their offers at any time.

As always, we urge you to check the terms of any offer before signing up. How long does the term last? Is there a cancellation fee? Is the rate fixed or variable? (You may remember that customers with variable rates saw their bills sharply increase during last year’s cold winter, when electricity prices rose.)

No matter where you buy your power, it will still be delivered safely and reliably over our network, and you will still receive our strong customer service.

So see what offers are available. It could save you money.