It’s a quiet afternoon at home. You’re doing chores. Suddenly, the doorbell rings.

The man at your door says he works for an energy supply company that can save you money on your electric bill, compared to PPL. He asks if he can tell you more, and asks if he can see your bill so he can learn more about how you use energy.

What should you do?

We hear often about this kind of solicitation. It’s not necessarily a scam: The person at the door might represent a legitimate company.

Still, there are steps we recommend you take when dealing with door-to-door energy solicitors:

Know that they don’t represent PPL Electric Utilities. We don’t send people to solicit door to door. A solicitor might mention our name, but that doesn’t mean they represent us.

We may send employees or contractors to your door in specific situations where electric work is being done on or near your property. They won’t try to sell you anything. If you want to verify that they’re from PPL, ask for ID, or call 1-800-DIAL-PPL (1-800-342-5775).

Don’t show them your account number. It’s your choice whether to show a solicitor the portion of your bill that shows your energy use. But if you do, cover up your account number, or fold over that part of the bill. Keeping your account number private in all circumstances is a smart security step.

Check The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission maintains a website listing state-licensed energy suppliers and their current offers. We recommend double-checking any type of energy solicitation against – both to verify that the company is licensed, and to see if you might be able to get a better deal elsewhere.

Our own price to compare is also listed on That’s the price you’ll pay us to obtain energy for you if you don’t buy it through a competitive supplier. You can use the price to compare to see if another offer will save you money.

Even if a solicitor doesn’t ring your doorbell, we still recommend you visit to know what offers are available. Remember to check the terms of any offer before agreeing. Know in advance whether the rate is fixed or variable; how long the agreement will be in effect; and whether there are cancellation fees.

Know that we don’t endorse suppliers. We encourage you to look for offers on the competitive supply market, but we don’t endorse or recommend any one supplier.