“Whatever I do, I want to do it as if this is my home and this is my electric line. When I think like that, I do the best job I can.”
– Kaylor Jackson, lineman leader

The 2,300 employees of PPL Electric Utilities are committed to strong service and reliability in all weather conditions. Customers depend on us, and we deliver.

“My commitment to customers is to respond to their problems in a timely manner and to help them every way that I can.”
– Jason Seip, troubleman

In 2016, we’ll work to take our reliability and customer service to new levels, no matter what challenges come our way from weather or other causes. We continue to invest in our system to replace aging equipment, install smart grid technology, trim vegetation, and make other improvements.

“It’s a thrill for the operators to be able to get that power back.”
– Shawn Cappellano-Sarver, manager-Distribution Operations

For a look at our employees’ approach to customer service, and to our preparation for weather challenges, check out these videos.