Think about all the electricity it will take to power the big game on Feb. 7 – the stadium lights, the global TV hookups, the concession equipment, the glitter of the halftime show, and the hundreds of laptops in the press box.

Thankfully, your game-night party at home doesn’t have to be so extravagant.  You can save energy and money while still having a party to remember. Here’s how:

Take it slow. We love slow cookers all winter as an energy-efficient cooking option. If you’re feeding a crowd for the big game, consider a batch of slow-cooker soup or chili. If you’re on Pinterest, visit our Recipes board for all kinds of efficient food ideas.

If you’re hosting a smaller group or just feeding the family, this taco recipe is another Sunday night favorite.

If you insist on using the oven, don’t peek. Remember that Thanksgiving tip about how opening your oven door for a glimpse of the turkey wastes heat? The same is true on game day. The temperature in your oven can drop 25 to 50 degrees when you open the door. So, don’t.

Keep it clean. A clean oven cooks more efficiently, so wash all surfaces for the most energy-smart performance.

Cook for who’s coming. If you’re expecting 10 people, don’t cook for 20. A smart, realistic party plan can save money on both your energy and food budgets, while still keeping your guests well-fed.

See what you can turn off. You know your TV will be on for hours on end. Have you turned off electronics that aren’t being used in other rooms, like computers? (Of course, this is a good thing to do every day. But it can help offset higher energy use on party days.)

If you’ve got a good energy-saving party tip, leave it in the comments. And enjoy the game! (And the halftime show, and the commercials, and the pregame…)