If you haven’t used our website to see how much electricity you use lately, check it out.blog-youraccountmobilelarge

Part of being able to better manage your energy use is knowing how much electricity you use and when you use it.

Our improved website presents usage and cost information in a streamlined and easier-to-understand format.

Log in to your account and you can:
• View your energy use on a daily, monthly or even hourly basis.
• Compare how much electricity you used this year versus last year.
• See what effect the temperature has on your electricity use.
• Learn what rebates are available to help you save.

Need to look back at your electricity usage? You’ll be able to export up to two years of energy usage information. You must have an online account and sign into that account to view your information.

Not only is the updated website valuable, but it’s also mobile-friendly so you can check in at any time, from anywhere. You can use your smartphone to see graphs of your usage. It’s all about helping you save energy and money.

And that’s not all. We’re planning more upgrades to better serve you, so stay tuned.