Pictured: Donna Schall of PPL Electric Utilities serves cookies.

There are many ways to say “thank you.” One of our favorite ways involves pizza and cookies.

On Friday (3/18), we again celebrated our longtime relationship with Goodwill Keystone by holding a lunchtime pizza party at the organization’s office in Allentown. Goodwill Keystone helps people with disabilities or other barriers to independence reach their full potential.

Goodwill Keystone employees compile energy education information packets for customers in our assistance programs. We’ve worked with Goodwill, formerly Good Shepherd Work Services, since 2002. This partnership brings meaningful work to Goodwill employees while providing us a good service at a low cost.

For about 10 years now, our Customer Relations Specialist Linda Melenchek has hosted a pizza party for the Goodwill employees, with help from other members of the PPL team. It’s a tradition whose good feelings last long after the final slice is polished off.

“The Goodwill team always looks forward to this, and so do we,” Melenchek said. “Many of the participants live in group houses, and Goodwill is like a family to them, so our pizza party has the feeling of a family celebration.

“It’s a fun way to thank the people of Goodwill for all they do for us,” she added.