Our THINK! ENERGY programs for elementary, middle and high school students really help spread the word about energy efficiency, and that’s a good thing.

We work with the National Energy Foundation to deliver important messages on the importance of energy and natural resources. We talk about environmental issues and provide take-home energy efficiency kits. These youngsters are already energy users, but they’re tomorrow’s homeowners, so education is key.

Two of the programs under the THINK! ENERGY umbrella are Take Action with E-power® (Grades 5-7) and Innovation with E-power (Grades 9-12). There were 37 schools and 5,200 students in the Innovation program this school year, and 92 schools and 11,332 students in the Take Action program. That’s a lot of energy know-how.

Participating students get a take-home energy efficiency kit. They are asked to complete an audit form with their family, indicating the energy-efficient changes they have made.

Each teacher returning forms will receive a mini-grant of $25 to $150, depending on the percentage of completed audit forms returned.