Dads and kids, it’s your day to step up. It’s Mothers’ Day — a time for Mom to relax, and a time for everyone else to honor her work and contributions.

If you’re running the show at home while Mom takes a day off, here are a few suggestions for an efficient Mothers’ Day:

Save energy in the kitchen. If weather allows, it’s a good day to grill. Or, start a slow-cooker dish early in the day and have it ready by dinnertime. Slow cookers use less energy than ovens. You can find energy-efficient cooking tips on our Pinterest page or on our blog.

Do the dishes – but not by hand. Using your dishwasher saves water, energy and money, compared to washing dishes by hand. (As for those pots and pans that can’t go into the dishwasher … well, you’re out of luck on those, Dads. But use the dishwasher for everything else.)

Take on the laundry, too. If Mom’s usually responsible for this household chore, others can take it on. Wash clothes in cold water to save energy – in most cases, it cleans as effectively as hot water.  Try to wash full loads, but if you have to wash a smaller load, adjust the load setting on your machine so you use less water. (Also, a pro tip for laundry-room newbies: Don’t wash reds and whites together unless Mom reeeeaaally likes pink.)

Going out? Turn down the heat. If you’re going to spend a good portion of the day elsewhere, like visiting family, turn down the heat while you’re out — just as you would during those times of day when everyone is out of the house at work and school.

Give Mom some downtime. Let Mom unwind with a book and some lemonade while Dad watches the kids. Need something to pass the time? We’ve got craft and activity ideas pinned on Pinterest. (Dads, if you haven’t used Pinterest before, check it out. There’s lots of great ideas.)

We hope all mothers have a happy, relaxing — and energy-efficient — Mothers’ Day.