Shown above: A prizewinning entry from one of our annual student electrical safety poster contests.

Consider these statistics, courtesy of the Electrical Safety Foundation International:

  • The National Fire Protection Association estimates 130 fires a day in the U.S. involve some kind of electrical failure or malfunction as a contributing factor.
  • Each day, nearly seven children are treated in hospital emergency rooms across the country for electrical shock or burn injuries caused by tampering with a wall outlet.
  • An estimated average of 60 electrocutions associated with consumer products are reported each year. The three most common product categories associated with electrocutions are small appliances, power tools and lighting equipment.

We want to keep the millions of people we serve each day from becoming a statistic. We want you to be safe around electricity wherever you find it and however you use it. Don’t be fooled. Even a very small amount of electricity can be deadly.

One great way to increase your electrical safety IQ is to visit our safety website for valuable information on storm and outage safety, as well as information for contractors and first responders. There are also resources for families, students and teachers.