“My brain has too many tabs open.”

We stumbled on this quote the other day and we think it pretty much sums up the busy lifestyle many of us lead.

With PPL Alerts, you can close a few of those brain tabs and take some of the surprises out of your hectic world. We know that with work, kids, hobbies and a variety of other things that fill your day, some things can get lost in the shuffle.

You may already know about our alerts for power outages. You can elect to be contacted by text, phone or email – or all three – about an outage affecting your home or business.  You get updates on the cause of your power outage, repair crew status and estimated restoration times.

But there are other alerts that can help as well.

  • Price to Compare: Get a heads up when PPL Electric Utilities adjusts the price for electricity supply for customers who don’t shop for their power. This happens June 1 and Dec. 1 each year.
  • Bill Alert: Set up your own warning system. Select a dollar amount and when your monthly bill exceeds it, we’ll send you a notification.
  • Abnormal Usage: We’ll let you know if your electricity use is unusually high — specifically 50 percent higher than your 30 day average for three consecutive days.
  • Bill Due Reminder: Set up a reminder – from 1 to 14 days – prior to your bill due date.
  • Payment Posted: With this alert, a notification will be sent to you when a payment is credited to your account.  If your payment is credited on a weekend or a holiday, you will receive your alert on the next business day.

So now you know. Being in the know means having PPL Alerts. Sign up today!