Several PPL Electric Utilities engineers have joined with an Allentown high school and the regional Boy Scouts of America council to promote careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

The engineers have started an “Exploring PPL” club at William Allen High School where students explore potential career paths with the utility. Partnering with the Boy Scouts is a way to make a positive impact in the Allentown community.

During the two-hour sessions, students engage in hands-on engineering-related activities. PPL leaders guide students in the exploration of technologies relevant to the electric utilities industry, different careers available at PPL, and safety topics.

The first session featured introductory engineering activities that highlighted concepts such as tension and compression. Other engineer-student time has been spent on topics including electric generation, transformer basics, effective communication, teamwork and creativity and more.

“Working with these bright students is not only a great way to give back, but also a chance to help them believe anything is possible if they stretch themselves and stick to it,” said Ray Connolly, director, Distribution Engineering.

Carlos Tirado, an engineer in Distribution Standards and a William Allen alumnus, is one of the PPL engineers involved with the program. “The students are eager to explore STEM careers and it’s exciting to expose them to activities that can help guide them on a potential career path,” he said.

Exploring Group Photo_Sized for Blog
PPL engineers involved with the Exploring post at William Allen High School in Allentown are, from left: Ihab Salet, Carols Tirado, Christopher Jarrah, Jonathan Tsoi, Juliana Swiniuch and Nicole Lacouve.

Who knows? Maybe one of these great young students will someday be working to keep PPL Electric Utilities service more reliable than ever. Activities like this are just one way PPL employees give back to the communities we serve.