We’re happy to tell you that after a brief pause, our popular appliance recycling program is back.

So now there’s no excuse for hanging on to that old energy-guzzling refrigerator or freezer in the garage and basement.

While it might be a convenient place to store a few cold drinks, it could be costing you an extra $150 in energy bills each year.

The program is open to current PPL Electric Utilities residential customers. Refrigerators or freezers must be between 10 and 30 cubic feet and be in working condition. The must turn on, but they don’t have to cool to be eligible.

Saying goodbye is easy. Simply go to pplelectric.com/savings to schedule a pickup, or call 1-877-486-9204. We will arrive at your home on the scheduled date to haul away your old refrigerator or freezer for free, then you’ll receive a $35 incentive for each refrigerator or freezer you recycle. No heavy lifting – just $35 for you, plus energy savings.

Want to do even more? You may also recycle a room air conditioning unit at the same time we pick up your refrigerator or freezer and we’ll give you another $10.

Room air conditioners can only be recycled along with a refrigerator or freezer. We can’t pick them up separately.

Don’t let your old appliances waste any more of your energy or money. Schedule your free pickup today.