One of the best things about shopping for your electricity supply is that you can switch to another supplier whenever you want. Sometimes a better deal comes along, and you want to take advantage.

Canceling your current supply contract is a straightforward, two-step process.

The first step: Understand if there are any penalties for canceling, so you’re not taken by surprise. Check your contract or ask your supplier if there are fees to cancel.

(If you’re switching to another supplier, you should also check in advance whether they charge a cancellation fee. You can find this out at the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s site, which lists the terms of available offers from competitive suppliers.)

For the second step, you can choose one of three options, depending on whether you want to switch to a new supplier or come back to PPL’s price to compare. Choose one of the following:

– Contact your supplier directly to cancel. You’ll automatically come back to the PPL price to compare – the price we charge to supply power to customers who don’t shop – until you pick a new supplier.
– Contact another supplier directly to sign up with them. That supplier will let us know, and we’ll make the switch for you.
– Contact us at 1-800-342-5775. We’ll also put you back on the price to compare rate.

If you have any questions about either your current contract or your next one, call your supplier to find out more. You should definitely be aware of the terms of any contract, including whether you’ll pay a fixed rate – one that doesn’t change – or a variable rate, which can change from month to month based on market conditions and power prices.

You may also be interested in taking part in our Standard Offer program, a fixed-rate plan that guarantees a 7 percent discount off our price in effect at the time of enrollment. There is no cancellation fee, and the discount remains in effect for 12 months. To find out more, call us at 1-800-342-5775.

Shopping is easy, and it can save you money. We encourage all customers to shop for their electricity supply. In fact, many of our employees shop.