The safety training and instincts of an alert trio of linemen kicked in on one of the hotter days of the year, when they spotted a man in distress and rushed to his aid.

The Frackville crew of Journeyman Linemen Chad Fegley, Kevin Blessing and Kris Rech was working in the Pine Grove area on July 28 when they noticed the man, doing fence installation work, was in distress.

Fegley, aloft in a bucket, saw the man collapse to the ground and alerted his co-workers on the ground to rush to the man’s aid.

As Rech approached the man, he realized the man was unresponsive and having trouble breathing. He immediately called 911 and rushed to his vehicle to get the tailboard sheet, so he could provide his precise location to the 911 dispatcher.

While waiting for ambulance personnel to arrive, the PPL employees moved the man to a cool place and applied ice packs to cool him down.

The medics eventually arrived and provided treatment for heat exhaustion. The crew later found out that the man had returned home and was doing well.

Foreman Tim Lloyd said the men used their situational awareness for the greatest good.

“I couldn’t be more proud of these guys,” Lloyd said. “This was a job well done by a crew that was focused on its surroundings and took action to help someone in need. It shows just how caring our workers are.”