Earlier this year, we rolled out an electrical safety exhibit. It’s a new tool we’re using to educate emergency responders like firefighters and police, as well as the general public, about the dangers associated with power lines.

Most recently, we shared the miniature electrical distribution system with emergency personnel in Lackawanna County.

Trained PPL workers wearing protective equipment showed the group at Meredith Hose Company, 100 Main St., Childs, the loud sounds, sparks and impact that occur when items such as gloves, ladders and shovels make contact with above-ground and below-ground power lines. (In the picture at the top of this post, you’ll note the presence of safety cones and tape, too.)

The workers also showed what occurs when tree branches, Mylar balloons and animals contact wires. They reminded attendees about the importance of dialing 811 before digging.

The exhibit is another way for us to make sure that our customers, emergency personnel and the general public remain safe around power lines and related equipment.

We want to raise awareness of the dangers because of the potential for firefighters and other emergency crews to respond to vehicle accidents and other incidents involving power lines.

And we want to remind the general public about being safe around power lines. It’s important to stay away from any fallen power lines and to always assume that those fallen lines are energized.

The exhibit also gives a glimpse into the safety measures our linemen take when they’re working around our power lines.