At PPL, we know your business is unique. That’s why we offer custom rebates that can be used toward new construction, retrofits, building upgrades and more.

We offer custom project rebates of $.06 per kilowatt-hour saved. Once we identify energy-saving opportunities at your facility, we’ll provide a contractor database and rebates toward qualifying energy efficiency projects.

Custom rebates may be available for:

  • Building control systems that are not required by code (for example, demand control ventilation or exhaust air heat recovery).
  • Building operation training.
  • Compressed air system upgrades.
  • Economizers.
  • Energy management system installation.
  • Industrial process upgrades.
  • New construction or renovation projects that involve multiple building systems and exceed state energy codes (e.g., lighting, HVAC and building envelope codes).
  • Water/wastewater system improvements.

Plus, you may be able to lower operating and maintenance costs and help prevent unexpected breakdowns.

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