These old and new photos (at top and bottom) show the meaning of horsepower has changed over the decades.

The older photo shows power line construction, using real horses, in the Lancaster County region in 1920, about a decade before PPL acquired some local utilities in the area.

The newer photo is from 2015 from PPL’s Northeast-Pocono Reliability Project that included three new substations, nearly 60 miles of new transmission lines and other improvements. No horses required.

Today, we’re investing in a stronger, more secure and more reliable power grid. We’re building new lines and substations, rebuilding others and installing smart grid technology to improve service reliability. Coupled with more comprehensive tree clearing, that means we’re reducing both the number and duration of power outages.

We continue to work toward even better reliability. You depend on us. Horsepower may not come just from horses anymore, but one thing that hasn’t changed over time is our commitment to our customers and communities.