People in Pennsylvania have had the freedom to choose their energy supplier for a while now. Did you know green power is one of your options?

Type in your ZIP code at, and you’ll see dozens of offers from competitive energy suppliers serving your area. One recent search found more than 40 offers that draw part or all of their energy from renewable sources.

So if the environment is important to you, you can take steps to reflect that in your energy use, just as you do in other areas of your life.

A few things to know when you shop for energy:

  • The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission operates, so any supplier you see listed there is licensed by the state.
  • Check all the terms of any offer before you sign up. Is there a cancellation fee? What is the length of the contract? Is the rate fixed or variable – that is, will it change depending on market prices?
  • PPL Electric Utilities doesn’t endorse any particular supplier. We urge customers to check the offers from state-licensed suppliers and choose what suits them best.
  • It doesn’t hurt us if you shop with a competitive supplier. About 45 percent of our customers have switched to another supplier – and some of our employees are among them.

No matter who you buy energy from, PPL Electric Utilities will bring it to you safely and reliably over our delivery network.