Looking to keep your food cold for less?

We’re making it easier with rebates on qualifying ENERGY STAR refrigerators, available at participating retailers throughout our service area. An efficient ENERGY STAR fridge helps drive down your bills, lasts longer than traditional models and offers the same high performance you’ve come to expect.

An ENERGY STAR refrigerator, which is 10 percent more energy efficient than minimum federal standards, qualifies for a $25 rebate. Upgrade to an ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Refrigerator, which is 15 percent more efficient than minimum federal standards, and receive a $100 rebate.

The savings don’t stop with the rebate. Don’t use your old model as a second fridge in your basement or garage. It could cost you up to $110 in extra energy costs per year. Let us take it off your hands. We’ll haul it away for free and you get $35.

To learn more about the refrigerator rebate and to find a participating store near you, visit pplelectric.com/appliance. To recycle your old refrigerator, call 1-877-486-9204 or visit pplelectric.com/recycle.