As part of our ongoing You Ask, We Answer campaign, we’re answering questions we frequently receive from customers.

Do you offer automatic bill payment?

Our automatic bill payment option securely and automatically withdraws your monthly PPL Electric Utilities payment from your bank account, so you’ll never have a late payment.

You should be able to enroll on auto-pay on our website as long as you do not have a past due balance.  If you’ve just made a payment to cover your balance, you’ll need to wait until the payment posts to the account (usually overnight) and then try to enroll.

Also, keep in mind that your enrollment won’t take effect until your next bill. So if you have a bill due at the time you sign up, be sure to go ahead and pay it.

You can enroll by signing into your online account. For more information, go to and use the search box to search for Automatic Bill Payment.

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