We encourage our customers to switch to energy-saving LED lighting wherever possible. In fact, we think that’s such good advice, we follow it ourselves.

Just a few weeks ago, we finished an LED upgrade of the exterior lighting outside the Tie and North buildings of our headquarters complex in downtown Allentown, Pa. (The Tie and North buildings are the lower-lying buildings adjacent to our landmark Tower Building.)

The old 175-watt lamps were replaced by 41.4-watt LEDs, which not only produce more light but also have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, compared to10,000 hours for the old fixtures. 95 percent of the energy that the new LED lights use is translated into light.

In addition to saving energy and money, the upgrade improves security by providing a much brighter pathway for employees and the general public.

As for the Tower itself, we converted all exterior lights to LEDs over the past two years – including the familiar colored lights at the top of the building.

We’re gradually converting interior lights to LEDs, and have installed more than 800 lights so far this year. We may be able to reduce power use on a typical floor by more than 40 percent. (As if that weren’t benefit enough, we’ll also greatly reduce the amount of waste from used fluorescent bulbs.)

If you’d like to join us in our energy-saving, LED-retrofitting efforts, you should know that PPL is funding discounts for LED bulbs at participating retailers. Click here to learn more. And then, let’s shine together.